Every season is Drum Season, or as we like to say “producers can never have too many drums”.

We are a sound design company that specializes in custom drum and instrument samples made for music production.  We do not sell regurgitated drum sounds that we found sitting on old hard drives.  Many of our kits are comprised of sounds we created and used on our own recordings.  We take care to craft unique and cutting edge sounds to provide producers with fresh inspiration.  If your hunting for good drums, we’re ready to supply what you need all year round.  


Visit http://store.humblebeast.com/collections/drum-season
to see our current selection of custom sounds.


Types of Kits

  • Signature Kits will be sounds from a featured producer.  Typically 60 to 80 sounds (breaks, loops and one shots included)
  • Collectors Kits will be sounds taken from specific Humble Beast releases
  • Specialty Kits will be custom sounds created with a  specific concept in mind.  (distorted drums, live breaks, texture


Processing & Compatability

Our drums are ready for use in your productions.  We utilize a combination of compression, EQ, saturation and effects to create a “finished” sound to our kits.  Our kits also have a distinct texture to them, as they have been processed through a Neve summing mixer and printed to analog tape. The sounds are big but by no means are they “limited” or “flat”.


All of our kits come as16-bit WAV files and are compatible with any software or drum machine.