JGivens - Fly Exam

Produced by Daniel Steele, Courtland Urbano, Beautiful Eulogy, Odd Thomas & Braille and Anthony Cruz

Featuring John Givez, Braille, Odd Thomas, Jackie Hill Perry, Belief & Liz Vice. 

On JGivens Humble Beast debut, “Fly Exam”, JGivens acknowledges man’s desire to soar to great heights on Side A: “So High”, but gives warning to the wearers of wax wings on Side B: “So Low”.   A master of metaphors, JGivens lyrical artistry will have you peeling off new layers of meaning with each playthrough.  As a whole, “Fly Exam” is an examination of the human heart.  It exposes our desires while questioning our motives.  Is our desire to draw near to the Son, or to fly too close to the sun?