I've been desiring to start a blog for the last two years but I didn't want to launch anything until I knew I would be able to follow through with a regular commitment. The purpose of this blog will not primarily be focused on promoting my music or giving music advice. Instead, I intend for this to be a place where I post devotionals and reflections from my life and studies. I have titled this the “Gospel Banquet Blog” and it is my hope that this will become a useful resource for edifying the church (believers around the world), engaging readers with biblical truth and teaching the gospel (and implications of the gospel) clearly. It is my intention to post articles bi-weekly and I will attempt to post more frequently when time permits.

For this first post I would like to start with a personal update. In the beginning of August my family and I moved to Washington DC! We will be here for the next 5 months as I participate in a pastoral internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. During the course of this internship I will devote myself to ecclesiology (the study of the church) in a context where I will spend most of my time observing, reading, writing papers and discussing what I'm learning with the community around me. I won't bore you with more details but to keep it simple; I am spending a season of my life deepening and developing some of my convictions as I think about what my future ministry might look like.

I guess the question remains, will I still be making music? As I was preparing for this internship over the summer, I determined that it would be selfish for me to focus on making my own music when there are so many artists at Humble Beast that I could serve better by helping them complete their albums. To that end I spent the first half of the year recording, mixing, mastering and executive producing for artists on Humble Beast to varying degrees. By God's grace, it looks like we will have one of the most productive years in Humble Beast history; with the following releases all landing in 2014 - Propaganda “Crimson Cord”, Alert 312 “Singular Vision”, Foreknown “Ornithology”, Jackie Hill Perry “The Art of Joy” and Eshon Burgundy “The Fear of God”. I will not be working on any more music this year, but Lord willing, once I get back to Portland I intend on working with Thomas and Courtland to make another Beautiful Eulogy album.

The next blog post will be a devotion titled “Gospel Reminders”. If you would like to pray for my family and I during this season I have placed some prayer requests below.


- Pray for my wife and I that we would continue to grow in our love for one another and that the Word of God would be read, spoken, sung, prayed and believed in our household.

- Pray that my wife and I would love, teach and instruct our children in the ways of the Lord. Also pray that our children would come to personally trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

- Pray that I would continue to be equipped for the work of ministry and that I would steward my time, gifts and resources wisely.

- Pray for opened doors and opportunities to preach, teach, disciple and evangelize.

- Pray that my love for God and neighbor increases and that I also grow in faithfulness to personal devotions and service within the local church.