Humble Beast's 2015 Year in Review: A Poem

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the Humble Beast team,
Made plans for an exciting two thousand sixteen!
But before we reveal those, I present to you,
The Humble Beast ‘15 year in review:

At the end of last year and beginning of this,
Humble Beast filled a hole that we sorely had missed.
Our interns shipped merch: CD’s to Snapbacks,
While making us laugh on Instagram and Snapchat.

This year also saw the fruition of plans,
To finally launch our gourmet coffee brand.
Left practices ethical business, moreover,
Our roasts always make for the perfect pourover.

Fear of God released by Eshon Burgundy,
Warned against serving idols, fame, currency.
People everywhere couldn’t help but be drawn,
To the Gospel presented so real and so raw.

We needed to hire a creative director.
Anthony Benedetto could not have fit better.
From video, illustration, to apparel and more,
Check out his collection in the Humble Beast store.

We hired Samuel Nagel, and also Josh Hill.
They do all the jobs that we needed to fill.
These dudes always grinding. We do not deserve,
Such hardworking guys with such big hearts to serve.

‘Had to narrow our roster, but we’re blessed to report,
Our decision was met with tremendous support.
We’re all still a family, so do not be nervous.
We support our brothers proceeding with purpose.

A brand new studio as we continue to grow,
Thanks to you who donated on Indiegogo!
You’ll be happy to know that Humble Beast is,
Already working on next year’s releases...

JGivens crashed a plane just to rap in the trees,
Then he shot a video in three-sixty degrees!
We spent the weeks ‘fore release just trying to cram,
For JGivens’ Humble Beast debut
Fly Exam!

This year Propaganda became a published author,
But more importantly he became a second-time father!
And just when you thought he couldn't do any more,
He killed it on Mineo’s
Uncomfortable Tour.

Don’t forget about Jackie. She’s just gettin’ started.
The Red Sea of male rappers, she’s already parted.
If you’re sleeping on Jackie all snug in your bed,
She gon’ rap the sugar plums right out of your head.

Tonight, check your laptop, sit by the Yule Log.
And enjoy one of our many new Humble Beast blogs.
You’ve blessed us and we hope we’ve returned the favor.
Merry Christmas to all, praises to Christ, our Savior!

- Gary Bagby AKA Foreknown