I’m a lover, a provider, Im a teacher, I’m a fighter/
I know there’s grace for me even when I’m wrong / 
Through all my indiscretions and all our imperfections/
I will love you till the day that I’m gone/ 
How do you spell dad… it goes L-O-V-E /

In the land of passive make sure you man up/
When introduced to a lady it's always proper to stand up/ 
Never talk behind the backs of someone you’re not a fan of/
And when the cops approach you, you might have to put your hands up/ 
Respect all people and show honor to the king/ 
No matter what the think the Lord created all human beings/
Be a critical but never partner with defiance/
be happy with who you are alone in the silence/ 
Pray without ceasing but keep your eyes on the system/
Always Speak up for the weak until somebody listens/
Don't marry her if you don't plan to bury her/
If you sweep her off her feet then learn how to carry her/

Through thick and thin you know we gon’ hold it down/ 
Through good or bad you know we gon’ stick around/

Baby Girl..
make sure that your kings a better man than me/ 
Better believe...You know that might be hard to achieve/ 
You're Beautiful I will always remind you/
Never let let culture's idea of beauty define you/
Baby girl don’t easily impressed/
stay clothed in righteousness because it's harder to undress / 
Im trying to raise the next Lena Horne/
Fannie Lou Hamer, a lady who can bring reform/
Be wise and strong/
Don't be a side chick for the ride along/
Always be humble whether right or wrong/
Know, I will be here when the friends are gone/

Verse 3
In more ways than one I hope we have the same walk/
30 years 3 from now you will have the same talk/

Never let you talents take somewhere your heart fails/
Wise intellectual -

Last Verse
I got new goals it's family business I have to handle now/
The kind of stuff that brothers over 30 bragging about/
Tell my son he's more than some target practice/
Tell my daughter she's more than an extension of a mattress/
Never reach your goal by pulling others down/
Royalty is much more than a throne and a crown/
Your knees should hurt Praying with the people/
Shirt will be wet from crying over evil/ 
I learned that love ain't based on performance/
Make a mistake and I will still love you in the morning/
I see life in my children's eyes/
When I'm wrong I'll be the first to apologize/
Peace to the father who are working through their flaws/
Fulfilling their duties and they don't do it for applause/
It true that Any fool with a tool can reproduce/ 
But a father is a dude who will see It through/
Forget the stereotypes, let's be clear/ 
There are good men out there, we are here/