Propaganda & Sho Baraka Spotlight Tour

Join us for a conversation with Sho Baraka & Propaganda.  Each night we hope to dive deep into the topics of compassion, unity, ethics, race, faith, and the church.  Our hope is that by bringing these conversations to the forefront each night, we can move past the Twitter rants & Facebook debates to a place where people are no longer disillusioned, but inspired & equipped to step back into their communities with fresh eyes, compassion in their hearts, good news on their lips - ready to live as lights in a dark world.


Tickets now available.

10/21 - San Diego -

10/22 - Los Angeles -

10/27 - Chicago -

10/29 - New York -

11/3 - Atlanta -

11/4 - Houston -



Interested in bringing the Spotlight conversation to your church or college? Have a leader from your organization fill out a booking request & list “Spotlight” in the description of event here:

A Letter from JGivens

I remember stumbling upon a command that had been printed on a very thin sheet that read:

“Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away.”

Though simply put and straightforward, I suddenly felt the zeal in my spirit wrestle with a resistance writhing about in the depths of my heart. As an exercise I’d use my last name to remind me of this unrelenting command that Jesus Christ stated in the book of Matthew. Shortly after, I met a crew of devout believers that were so passionate about radical giving and the story of the ultimate Gift (that is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ) that my life and growing years as a young adult would be forever impacted spiritually and artistically.

In the Spring of 2014 I was radically gifted the opportunity to partner with Humble Beast Records and what an experience that has been. I was immediately booked for a robust tour schedule with my mentors and new label-mates Propaganda and DJ Efechto. I can effortlessly reflect on the intimate discipleship, love, support, time, resources, money, sweat, tears, pain, storms, trials, and victories that these two have submitted themselves to for the sake of others. But what proved to be even more remarkable is this
character type would immediately prove itself through the whole hive of new lifetime friends/colleagues: Thomas Terry, Bryan Winchester, Courtland Urbano, Daniel Steele, Jackie Hill-Perry, Gary Bagby, Eshon Burgundy, Esteban Shedd, Aaron Lopez, Lee Green, Hassan Muhammed, Anthony Benedetto, Paul Barger, Rene Garzona, James Calkins, Josh Hill, Adam Crouch, and deliberately listed lastly, Phil Bouleh.

As a developing artist and a young man, the leadership and guidance in the Christ-like pursuit of excellence in art, evangelism, and theology were moreover what any single, early-twenties, unemployed, rap novice needs desperately in developing in character and career. I cannot begin to tell of the amount of grace given and intensity of the burdens that Thomas and Bryan have shared to accomplish such a task, and may God always shine his favor on these two men in a special way.

In the Summer of 2015, we were blessed to present the fruits of our labor as a collaborative partnership in my debut LP entitled Fly Exam, a creative experience that can neither be rivaled, nor reimagined as anything but an example of supernatural tenacity, patience, and overflowing grace and love amongst friends, creatives, and moreover, family—a family that has sacrificed and invested in my potential and my career as a musician.

Even now, in this reflection, I have been reluctant to the idea of crafting my statement of departure. With the blessing of my partners, I have decided to part ways and end my season with Humble Beast as a contracted recording artist. After much prayer and counsel, and months of deliberation, I’ve decided that what is best for the furthering of my career is to discontinue the pursuit of my contract with the label and pursue other ventures that have been in the works for me. I’ve been exploring a plethora of options for myself and I would not want any of these personal endeavors to clash with any of efforts that Humble Beast has for the future.

I send my deepest thanks to you and ask that you join me with a continued support of Humble Beast and all its endeavors. It is because of your radical generosity that I have been blessed with the true meaning of freely given.


Jeremiah Givens

Sho Baraka + Humble Beast

Sho Baraka + Humble Beast

Sho has always been a friend of Humble Beast & our ministry. Recently, we've realized just how similarly our paths and passions are intertwining. After building for a while, it only made sense to take the next step. We are thrilled to work with Sho and are excited for you to see what comes from this relationship. 

Sho wanted to let you know where he's been, where he's at, and how he got there. Check out his verse, The Road to Humble.

Propaganda Featured in Christianity Today Interview

Ed Stetzer and Christianity Today sit down with Propaganda for an exclusive interview. Prop talks about art, it's place in God's redemptive plan, the importance of stewarding your God-given platforms, and leadership, among other things.

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

Ed: There are those who aren’t sure where the arts fit into God’s redemptive purposes. They may say, “Just tell people about Jesus and get them in a church.” Where do the arts fit in?
Prop: If you remove the arts, you’d have to rip out the first four chapters of Genesis. Art is as integral to our society and our culture as breathing and water. It’s something that you can’t compartmentalize it away from any other part of the existence of culture...

You can catch the interview in its entirety here.

The 2016 Canvas Conference

Humble Beast and Western Seminary are pleased to announce The Canvas Conference, a gathering of pastors, artists, theologians, and musicians. 

When: August 12-13, 2016
Where: Portland, OR; Imago Dei Community
What: Our two-day conference of speakers, pastors, and performers exists to inform all acts of human creativity and beauty with biblical, gospel-centered theology for the worship of the triune God.

Check our website at for more information, including a list of speakers & performers! Pre-registration is up, and space is limited, so get your spot before they fill up!


JGivens & Humble Beast Artists Featured at the Historic Roxy!

On May 22nd, JGivens and fellow Humble Beast artists Jackie Hill Perry & DJ Efechto will perform live at the historic Roxy Theater in Los Angeles. The show will also feature JGivens' cousin, John Givez, as well as his long-time friend, DJ Aktual.  

Tickets go on sale this Friday, February 19th. Humble Beast fans can purchase tickets a day early with the code "hbroxy". Get 'em quick! Tickets will go fast!

Welcome Ashton Trujillo!

Ashton Trujillo will be joining the Humble Beast team as our media intern, but he's not much of an intern. The dude's a beast, and we plan on learning from him during his six-month stay. Ashton received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts in 2013. He is an experienced video producer, videographer, and editor. Check out his video reel, and a sample piece he did for his internship application, "Treasure". Ashton has been married for three years to his wife, Lorraine, and together, they have a 1-year old son, Data-Imrah.

(Editor's Note: While Ashton is in Portland, he will be doing some freelance work to subsidize his living expenses and help cover his family. E-mail him at if you're interested)

We shot Ashton a few questions so you guys could get to know him a little better. We're excited to work with him and keep putting out great content for Humble Beast fans! Welcome aboard, Ashton!

Why did you want to intern for Humble Beast?

"Well first, Humble Beast has meant a lot to me in my spiritual journey overall, so I’m stoked to serve alongside you guys! The Lord really used Christian Hip Hop, specifically Humble Beast and Lamp Mode, to keep my feet on the ground, head in the clouds – especially when I had just thrown out all the sinful garbage I had been listening to before and felt very vulnerable to outside influences and the influence of music being the most prominent.

I remember hearing my first Christian hip hop song and thinking whoa…

It had a lot to do with my craving for theology and wanting to really grow in knowledge. At that time in my life I was pining for something that would not only feed me heavier doses of theology but still allow me to sink into the melodic drifts of the music. The latter was just as important to me as the theology – a way of engaging the mind and heart to greater worship.  And that’s where Humble Beast came in. I was getting sound theology but still getting crafted music that I could let take me on the journey of music because I knew it was worship to the King and for that my soul and mind were well pleased at the influence.

I guess that was a really long way of saying that I’m thankful for Humble Beast Records.

I’m rather obsessed with the dynamic duo of Film + Music (and by music, I mean more soundtrack than score) and it’s actually why a lot of my favorite films are various music videos or films where music plays a huge narrative role. I wanted to intern for you guys to see what we could grind out together, utilizing film and music and to see anyway that I can help get your message out which is the message for all time. Whether it’s a Left Roasters' spot or a music video, I know we will do it all unto the Lord and that it’s all ultimately to display our awesome God - so let’s roll!"

What is your favorite HB album?

"Hmm... I think I would have to say Instruments of Mercy. JGivens' Fly Exam is a very close second."

What is your favorite album, period?

"I think it might be Josh Garrels’ newest album, Home. That album moved me immensely. Talk about an album that carries you to heaven’s shore."

Who is your biggest artistic inspiration?

"I would say C.S. Lewis, the 'Master Likener.' John Piper, in speaking about Lewis, summarizes my core beliefs, purpose and projection as a filmmaker:

'…He found from romanticism and rationalism that this world is most honest and most true when it is pointing beyond itself, and thus seeing itself as like that and not that….If the key to the deepest meaning of this world lies outside in what this world is not, then the world will probably be illumined most deeply not simply by describing the world as what it is, but by likening the world to what it is not.'

I would also add St. Augustine. The weight and rawness this man brings inspires me on almost everything I do. I don’t think there has been a project where I’m not musing on C.S. Lewis and St. Augustine."

Tell us two or three movies whose cinematography has impressed you.

"I would like to very seriously put a disclaimer on this answer. While there is certainly a massive influence from these films on my life as a filmmaker, I’m not sure if I would return to some of these films, or recommend them. It always bums me out when you go back to one of your favorite films and find all this sinful garbage in it! At that point you gotta just trash it. Nonetheless, here are some films whose cinematography very much influenced and impressed me: Apocalypse NowRhinoceros, Daft Punk’s Electroma. More recently, I loved the cinematography of Selma."

Is Leo finally going to win that Oscar for his role in the Revenant?

"Haha! Well, I hope so. While I haven’t seen the Revenant yet, I typically love all Leo’s work, and I do believe he deserves an Oscar. I also bet that the cinematography is going to be breathtaking when I finally see it."

(Editor's Note: Since answering these questions, Ashton has seen the movie. This is what he had to say:)

"I finally saw the"

Introducing Levi the Poet and his New Blog, "Discordia"

Levi Macallister is a writer, storyteller and spoken word artist - aka Levi The Poet -  from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

His love for art and advocacy for honesty have lead to a combination of autobiographical and fiction storytelling on issues of faith, love, theology, sexuality, mental illness, addiction, abuse and identity, with the contrasting brightness of pseudo-fantastical story and myth (whatever that means). He’s a thinker (and, hopefully, a doer) interested in the intersections between belief and creativity.

In addition to the past seven touring years as Levi The Poet, Levi has participated on the speaking team, using his own story to help serve others wrestling through pornography addiction. He has also contributed to American Giving Awards winning organization To Write Love On Her Arms to tell the story of his father’s suicide - a topic he speaks on often - in the hope of providing a sympathetic resource for thousands of individuals who wrestle with depression, self harm and mental illness.

Levi also contributes to copy and freelance projects for other artists and organizations to help them articulate and communicate their stories more effectively.

Finally, Levi just completed his first year dedicated to coffee and brewery nerdery, and plans to continue his pursuit of good beans and good brews well into the future. His wife, Brandi, is a CrossFit trainer at their local gym, and - really - a life coach for his disorganized existence. They live together (solid choice for married couples) with their cat, Gilbert, who thinks he is a dog, and is constantly vying for the head of the household.

Hi. I’m Levi. I wrote this biography myself, in the third person. I love words.

Humble Beast Artists on Lecrae's Church Clothes 3

Lecrae goes Beyoncé on us. Out of the blue and without warning, the emcee dropped his third installment of his mixtape series, Church Clothes. We're proud to say that Lecrae asked not one, not two, but three of our artists to be featured on his new surprise project.

Propaganda proves his poetic prowess on the gritty "Gangland," a raw and empathetic exposition of the camaraderie found in urban struggle, and a plea for the church's understanding. 

Jackie Hill Perry and JGivens, along with J's cousin and fellow member of Cousin Neighbor, John Givez, prove that they're next on "Misconceptions 3". This track just seems like a softball Lecrae lobbed up for the youngins to smash; and smash they did!

Editor's note: I want to bring to light Lecrae's humility in his artistry and ministry. He clearly creates "Misconceptions 3" to be a platform, not on which he stands, but one on which he allows younger artists to grow their spiritual and cultural reach, as well as their market visibility (which pays the bills y'all). I can also speak to this personally. I have the privilege and honor of working full-time here at Humble Beast solely because of an interaction I had with Lecrae. Humble Beast is thankful to Lecrae for his intentional mentorship and leadership.

Not only did he feature HB on his album, he also invited all of them to rap their verses on Church Clothes Vol. 3's accompanying short film. You can watch it below. 

Introducing Ryan Lister and his New Blog: "With Unveiled Faces"

We at Humble Beast would like to introduce you to Ryan Lister, Ph.D., a dear friend, brother, fellow churchman, and professor of theology at Western Seminary. 

This guy? Ryan Lister.

This guy? Ryan Lister.

Ryan was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. He went to The Citadel, where he got his B.A. in English Literature. He later went on to get his M.Div and Ph.D. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. While getting his undergrad, he met his wife, Chase Elizabeth, at the University of Tennessee, which just means that every year, they are volunteering for college football disappointment. #Dadjoke

Speaking of dads, Ryan happens to be a father of four wonderful children: Asher, Jude, Silas, and Abby Kate. He, his wife, and the aforementioned brigade of children live in Portland, OR, where he now teaches. Oh, Ryan also owns a seersucker suit.

The Presence of God is Ryan Lister's first book, which seeks to recover the centrality of the presence of God in the whole storyline of Scripture.

The Presence of God is Ryan Lister's first book, which seeks to recover the centrality of the presence of God in the whole storyline of Scripture.

He's too humble to admit it, so we'll say it for him. Ryan Lister, Ph.D., is a beast of a theologian and a magnificent author. His first book, The Presence of God: Its Place in the Storyline of Scripture and the Story of our Lives, captures the importance of God's presence in and among his people throughout the entirety of God's plan of redemption found throughout the whole Scriptures. 

It is a thrill and an honor to have Ryan join us on our team. He will be regularly putting out content on his new blog, "With Unveiled Faces." Check out his first post, which is on God and a theology of suffering. Welcome, Ryan!


Humble Beast is partnering with Logos Cloud!

The purpose of Advent is to stir in us an ache for more, a healthy longing for eternal consummation. It asks us to put ourselves in the shoes of God's Old Testament Israel, pining for Messiah, the promised fulfillment of the Father's redemptive plan, the vindication of his faithfulness.


God with us.

Advent is a herald of the promise of complete restoration. It's a beacon pointing to that fateful day when Christ the Judge will bring heaven to earth, justify his people, and forever eradicate sin and its damning effects. 


Come, Lord!

Christ with us. 

God condescends to initiate, to dwell with his people. The magnitude of this reality is awe-striking, yet we see it's truth over and over again in the Scriptures: God walking in Eden, the Ark of the Covenant, the tabernacle, the pillar of fire, Christ himself, the Holy Spirit dwelling in the midst of his Church, and even the Scriptures themselves. 

For centuries, Christians have recognized the Bible as God's active word, the agent of his unveiling, the miracle of his self-revelation. To know God, we read his word. And in his word, God is happy to reveal himself. We here at Humble Beast desire nothing more than to love and adore Christ through his word, and we desire nothing more than the same for you, oh Church. 

This is why we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Logos and the new Logos Cloud! For years, Logos has been the powerful and comprehensive go-to bible study tool for clergy and laymen alike. Compiling thousands of commentaries and articles, Logos makes your topical or scriptural search as easy as typing in a keyword. With descriptive visuals and simplified language learning, Logos is sure to give you a thorough and contextual study for a myriad of topics, as well as every passage of Scripture. Praise God for Logos!

Historically, Logos has been quite the financial investment and has not really been a feasible option for everyone. Logos has been working tirelessly at making their program affordable for the average Bible reader. This is where the Cloud comes in! For the monthly price of a few lattes, you can get the power of Logos' amazing study tool in the cloud. 

To celebrate Logos' release of their new cloud software, they have allowed us to give away one year-long FREE subscription to Logos Cloud. Complete some of the following actions to enter. The more actions you complete, the better your chance to win! Logos wants to make the life-changing power of the study of God's word accessible to everyone. Humble Beast thinks it a good endeavor to get behind. 


2016 AudioFeed Festival Announcement!


humble beast x audiofeed

Humble Beast is excited to announce that our entire roster will be at the same place, at the same time, putting on a live show! That's right. Propaganda, Beautiful Eulogy, Jackie Hill­-Perry, and JGivens will be in Urbana, IL on July 1, 2016 for the AudioFeed Festival! 

AudioFeed is a music festival in Champaign­-Urbana, IL, featuring independent music, held over the Fourth of July weekend,. Audiofeed describes what they are about on their website: 

"We tend toward creative music that is not necessarily 'radio single' type material. From really mellow acoustic to hardcore and everything in between. With three stages focusing on different styles, there is something for almost everyone almost all the time." 

Humble Beast personally invites everyone to join us in the midwest this summer at AudioFeed! You can purchase your tickets for the festival using the link below.


want the chance to win a vip pass for a Humble Beast Meet & greet?

During checkout, enter “Humble Beast” when asked “Who would you like to see at AudioFeed?” By using this code, you will be entered into a raffle to win a meet & greet with our whole roster. Fifty people will be randomly selected to receive a VIP pass to hangout with Propaganda, Beautiful Eulogy, Jackie Hill­-Perry, and JGivens on July 1st.

Pick up your tickets today! Click here to purchase your tickets.


DRUM SEASON - Custom Drums & Instrument Samples for Music Production

Every season is Drum Season, or as we like to say “producers can never have too many drums”.

We are a sound design company that specializes in custom drum and instrument samples made for music production.  We do not sell regurgitated drum sounds that we found sitting on old hard drives.  Many of our kits are comprised of sounds we created and used on our own recordings.  We take care to craft unique and cutting edge sounds to provide producers with fresh inspiration.  If your hunting for good drums, we’re ready to supply what you need all year round.  


to see our current selection of custom sounds.


Types of Kits

  • Signature Kits will be sounds from a featured producer.  Typically 60 to 80 sounds (breaks, loops and one shots included)
  • Collectors Kits will be sounds taken from specific Humble Beast releases
  • Specialty Kits will be custom sounds created with a  specific concept in mind.  (distorted drums, live breaks, texture


Processing & Compatability

Our drums are ready for use in your productions.  We utilize a combination of compression, EQ, saturation and effects to create a “finished” sound to our kits.  Our kits also have a distinct texture to them, as they have been processed through a Neve summing mixer and printed to analog tape. The sounds are big but by no means are they “limited” or “flat”.


All of our kits come as16-bit WAV files and are compatible with any software or drum machine.

freely given.


Contribute to our campaign to finish our new studio!

It’s been one of our motivating ethics since the outset of Humble Beast. Modeled after the most self-sacrificing One, who paid for what we could not at no cost to us, we too desire to be radically generous with our dedicated efforts towards excellence in our content, both musically and otherwise.

It’s been a long, tough road, but we have been fortunate to experience the growth that you, our fans, have propelled. We just moved into our brand new studio space! While we are excited at what seems to be on Humble Beast’s horizon, there are still a few things that need to happen before we can get there.

what we need.

I’m guessing you guys have experienced JGivens’ debut Humble Beast album, “Fly Exam”? This project stretched us in ways we never really considered. Were you able to catch the 360° video we made for “10 2 Get In”? Your guys’ help will allow us to keep improving upon what is expected of us: excellent creative content. It will go a long way in creating Beautiful Eulogy’s and Propaganda’s upcoming projects!

To make that happen, we need to get our studio up to basic operational standards, which includes sound treatment, flooring, and some additional equipment. Furthermore, there are some other audio and instrumentation needs that could help take our studio to a higher professional level.

In terms of our visual department, there are a few things we need to acquire to keep improving upon our photography and cinematography. We need an infinity wall to cover all of our video and photo needs. We need some more hardware, both on the capturing/recording and editing ends of the process.

radical generosity.


With your help, you will save us months of slowly filling our needs. You will launch us to a space that would take us much longer to get to on our own. Your radical generosity means we can keep doing what we do best: freely giving the wonderful and glorious truth of the Gospel through dedication to excellence in all we do. Thanks for your support.


JGivens - "Fly Exam"

JGivens - "Fly Exam" now available for pre-order!

JGivens has been busy since joining the Humble Beast roster last year. It’s hard to keep track of all the buzzworthy releases that have “feat. JGivens” in the liner notes. If you've heard J's first project, El v. Envy, you already know that there is no boxing him in or holding him back. Over the past year, JGivens has taken countless trips to the Humble Beast studios in Portland, OR to produce a full-length album that is nothing short of fly

On his Humble Beast debut, Fly Exam, JGivens acknowledges man’s desire to soar to great heights on Side A: “So High”, but gives warning to the wearers of wax wings on Side B: “So Low”. A master of metaphors, JGivens' lyrical artistry will have you peeling off layer after layer of depth with each playthrough. As a whole, “Fly Exam” is an examination of the human heart. It exposes our desires while questioning our motives. Are we inclined to draw near to the Son or to fly too close to the sun?

Pre-order the album and get it for $7.99!

03. FAHRENHEIT 99 (f. Liz Vice)
04. SO FLY (f. Beleaf)
05. 10, 2. GET IN. (f. Odd Thomas)
(f. John Givez & Jackie Hill-Perry)

08. LOST IN SPACE (f. Marz Ferrer)
11. TAKE OFF WITH ME (f. John Givez)
12. MARCH 10TH AND A THIRD (f. Braille)

Pre-Order on iTunes:
Pre-Order a Physical CD:

New Single from JGivens - "Lost In Space" feat. Marz Ferrer

The second single from JGivens' forthcoming record is out now! Go grab it.

Lost In Space

Spotify -

Google Play -

Amazon -

Apple - 

Photography: Christian Padron

Design: Anthony M. Benedetto

Lost In Space produced by Daniel Steele

Relevant networks­s

Humble Beast started 6 years ago with one goal in mind: free and excellent Gospel resources in the context we know best: hip hop. We built with our friends. We invited them to join us. We assembled a team that shared our heart and philosophy of ministry. By God's grace we continued to grow, yet our unorthodox approach has brought forth many unique challenges. One of the implications of our free model is that we are often short on time and resources. Our daily operations are handled by a handful of men who sacrificially give their talents and energy because they believe in the vision. We have always considered Humble Beast to be a ministry more than a record label and our priorities have been established by that distinction.

In light of our vision, the cost of our free model and the increasing responsibilities associated with our growth - we have determined that the wisest way for us to move forward is to narrow down the size of our roster. There are many factors contributing to this decision, most importantly, it has become a matter of stewardship. We created the video “Past. Present. & Future.” to offer a fuller picture of who we are and what we do. This brief write up is a short summary of the information covered in that video, which we encourage everyone to watch. It has been a privilege to work with so many gifted artists and to play a small role in helping expose their art and message to people within our network. Please continue to follow our friends as we expect nothing but the best from them. Our roster moving forward will consist of Propaganda, Beautiful Eulogy, Jackie Hill Perry and JGivens. We know for some of you, this might leave some questions unanswered. Our desire was to make this announcement in the most clear, yet healthiest way we could out of love for our Lord, for our artists and for everyone who has supported us this far. Please continue to follow Humble Beast as we continue pursuing our mission of freely giving.

Your friends and brothers,
Humble Beast

JGivens "Ignorantro" Video Premiere

JGivens's first single from his highly anticipated Humble Beast debut album is here, and he's bringing the heat. Watch out. 

Click here to stream on Spotify
Apple Music:
Google Play:

Director/Photography: Christian Padron

Ignorantro produced by Daniel Steele

Relevant networks­s