Help The Garzona's to Help Humble Beast

What up peeps!

Wanted to give you an update. I'm excited to announce that my wife and I are transitioning to Portland. I'll be joing the Humble Beast Records team as the Operations Manager. I'll be helping out with marketing, administration, building strategic relationships and the daily operations of Humble Beast Records.

In a nutshell, the label has never had any full-time staff. I'm honored to announce that I'll be their first full-time staff member. In case you are not familiar with Humble Beast, here are a few things you should know:

  • Humble Beast as a label that's big on radical generosity. 
  • Humble Beast is a family of creatives, pastors, writers, theologians, and musicians, who leverage their talents to see the Gospel go out into the community and transform lives.

The label gives away all their music for FREE.. Yes, Free! Because of this, resources are limited. You see, I'm coming to the team on full-time basis with a very limited and part-time salary. To be honest, it's a bit scary as this forces my wife and I to trust Jesus during this time. We have no medical insurance and are expecting our fist baby this January 2015. 

I'm asking you for the following:

  • Pray for Jesus to be glorified as we serve through Humble Beast
  • Pray for my wife and I to fully trust Jesus and not be anxious. 
  • Pray to see if you can partner with us financially

For the next 6 months we will need support while humble beast transitions me over to a full time salary. Humble Beast is covering half my salary with the end goal of meeting my full salary within six months. Your support will help my wife and I and humble beast to continue giving gospel centered resources.

Would you consider being radically generous! 

To Christ Be Glory!