Tell Me Yours Poetry Contest Winners

Props here! 

So I know contest winner speehes always start with "All the participants did a great job.. Blah blah" lol, you guys are like... GET TO THE WINNER! 

But for real, I'm so happy we did this. I can only imagine how much joy the process of creating these poems has brought not only you poets but also the people mentioned in your stories.  I hope you took a moment to appreciate the folks you mentioned. Hope it was as cathartic for you as it was for me. Also, any poet worth their salt would tell you that entering slams and contests really serve to make you better at your craft and push the genre further. 

NOW, to the good stuff. It turned out our categories didn't go far enough. You guys really outdid yourselves so we had to figure out ways to honor poets that didn't necessarily win the prize. 


Best Production Value: - Rebekah Shelton

Golden Pen: - MonomaniaSA

International Award: - Sofia Paredes from the Philippines

Honorable Mention: - Sammy Famoso

Editors Choice - Joseph Solomon

This brother actually was also the most viewed but since he already won the Editor's Choice we chose the second most views for..

The People's Choice - Andrew Diamond

Thanks to all you poets. 

Take time contact the folks you wrote about and send them your work! 

Thanks guys for telling me yours!