freely given.


Contribute to our campaign to finish our new studio!

It’s been one of our motivating ethics since the outset of Humble Beast. Modeled after the most self-sacrificing One, who paid for what we could not at no cost to us, we too desire to be radically generous with our dedicated efforts towards excellence in our content, both musically and otherwise.

It’s been a long, tough road, but we have been fortunate to experience the growth that you, our fans, have propelled. We just moved into our brand new studio space! While we are excited at what seems to be on Humble Beast’s horizon, there are still a few things that need to happen before we can get there.

what we need.

I’m guessing you guys have experienced JGivens’ debut Humble Beast album, “Fly Exam”? This project stretched us in ways we never really considered. Were you able to catch the 360° video we made for “10 2 Get In”? Your guys’ help will allow us to keep improving upon what is expected of us: excellent creative content. It will go a long way in creating Beautiful Eulogy’s and Propaganda’s upcoming projects!

To make that happen, we need to get our studio up to basic operational standards, which includes sound treatment, flooring, and some additional equipment. Furthermore, there are some other audio and instrumentation needs that could help take our studio to a higher professional level.

In terms of our visual department, there are a few things we need to acquire to keep improving upon our photography and cinematography. We need an infinity wall to cover all of our video and photo needs. We need some more hardware, both on the capturing/recording and editing ends of the process.

radical generosity.


With your help, you will save us months of slowly filling our needs. You will launch us to a space that would take us much longer to get to on our own. Your radical generosity means we can keep doing what we do best: freely giving the wonderful and glorious truth of the Gospel through dedication to excellence in all we do. Thanks for your support.