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The purpose of Advent is to stir in us an ache for more, a healthy longing for eternal consummation. It asks us to put ourselves in the shoes of God's Old Testament Israel, pining for Messiah, the promised fulfillment of the Father's redemptive plan, the vindication of his faithfulness.


God with us.

Advent is a herald of the promise of complete restoration. It's a beacon pointing to that fateful day when Christ the Judge will bring heaven to earth, justify his people, and forever eradicate sin and its damning effects. 


Come, Lord!

Christ with us. 

God condescends to initiate, to dwell with his people. The magnitude of this reality is awe-striking, yet we see it's truth over and over again in the Scriptures: God walking in Eden, the Ark of the Covenant, the tabernacle, the pillar of fire, Christ himself, the Holy Spirit dwelling in the midst of his Church, and even the Scriptures themselves. 

For centuries, Christians have recognized the Bible as God's active word, the agent of his unveiling, the miracle of his self-revelation. To know God, we read his word. And in his word, God is happy to reveal himself. We here at Humble Beast desire nothing more than to love and adore Christ through his word, and we desire nothing more than the same for you, oh Church. 

This is why we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Logos and the new Logos Cloud! For years, Logos has been the powerful and comprehensive go-to bible study tool for clergy and laymen alike. Compiling thousands of commentaries and articles, Logos makes your topical or scriptural search as easy as typing in a keyword. With descriptive visuals and simplified language learning, Logos is sure to give you a thorough and contextual study for a myriad of topics, as well as every passage of Scripture. Praise God for Logos!

Historically, Logos has been quite the financial investment and has not really been a feasible option for everyone. Logos has been working tirelessly at making their program affordable for the average Bible reader. This is where the Cloud comes in! For the monthly price of a few lattes, you can get the power of Logos' amazing study tool in the cloud. 

To celebrate Logos' release of their new cloud software, they have allowed us to give away one year-long FREE subscription to Logos Cloud. Complete some of the following actions to enter. The more actions you complete, the better your chance to win! Logos wants to make the life-changing power of the study of God's word accessible to everyone. Humble Beast thinks it a good endeavor to get behind.