King's Kaleidoscope Releases New Video "Ache"

Humble Beast is honored to premiere King's Kaleidoscope's brand new live studio video for their single "Ache" from their debut album Becoming Who We Are. Frontman Chad Gardner tells the story behind "Ache":

“Ache” was written in the winter of 2013 from a place of deep brokenness and need. At the time I was working for a large church that was very unhealthy. My wife and I were both in full time ministry and bound in fear by the impossible performance standards and mounting pressures to have it all together. I came in to work one morning, exhausted after multiple services on a long Sunday; fighting with my wife on the way in, and then sitting through a very discouraging staff meeting. Life felt like a complete mess. 

After my morning meeting, I went into the green room of the church and just sat and prayed for hours. I couldn’t look at email. I couldn’t get any work done. I just wanted to be with Jesus and pour my heart out to Him. I moved from prayer to scripture, and began recording my thoughts and emotions as I was immersed in the silence of the room. Much of the over flow of my heart is expressed in music and that morning, I recorded this song as a short stream of consciousness. The lyrics are as follows:

"I know it’s alright, you are near every night,
Always at my side, always in my mind,
The fear and the fights, the pain and the plight,
Has no hold on my life, in the dark there is light,

"When I feel so suppressed, all the things in my chest,
When the fear doesn’t rest, oh You protect,
You see and You ache, Your heart doesn’t wait,
You’re already there,

"I’ve seen you, I’ve seen you,
To see You again…."

In this song, I move naturally from reminding myself of God’s presence in my life, my safety from life’s troubles, His protection for me, and ultimately that he aches when he sees me suffer. Jesus empathizes with my pain and hurts when I hurt as my loving Father.

"You see and You ache, You’re heart doesn’t wait, You’re already there.”

My final words recall seeing God, and longing to see Him again as I sat in an environment that was supposed to be so focused on God, yet seemed so absent of his grace. 

When I am down, one of the hardest things for me to do is to remember when I have felt the truth of the gospel engulf me. Fighting to hold on to those memories serves me when God feels far away for life feels hopeless. In suffering, sin, and struggle God sees all and understands; He aches for us because He loves us through and through.

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