In loving memory of Christopher "Citizen Aim" Walk


It is with joy and sadness that we inform you of the recent passing of our dear brother Christopher (CJ) Walk on August 21st 2010.

As many of you already know, CJ had been battling the terminal disease of cystic fibrosis since the age of two.  However, the last nine months have been the most difficult due to many hospitalizations.  His lungs collapsed repeatedly, which required the daily use of an oxygen tank.  In addition, a feeding tube was surgically placed so he would be adequately nourished.  Yet, as the weeks and months passed, CJ's body progressively became weaker and shut down; yet, his faith in the Lord greatly increased. Despite all the suffering, CJ never ceased to give God the glory for his life, circumstances and salvation, and in many cases used his circumstances to exalt his Great God.

In the last days of CJ's life, I had the blessing of praying with him and sharing in deep conversation about his love for God, his wife, family and music.  It was in these moments that CJ expressed that He was satisfied with the accomplishments that the Lord had given him so far, and he was ready to go home and be with his Savior.  He died knowing that he had honored the Lord with his talents, gifts and accomplishments.

CJ's life reflected a posture of humility that helped influence the philosophy and mission statement behind Humble Beast. CJ recognized that God was the focus and music was just the medium.

A gifted producer and emcee, CJ was often noted as one of the best at his craft.  His artistic abilities enabled him to address the complexities of life, religion and relationships in an understandable language; his passion challenged others to think differently about music, suffering and hope.  He was as authentic with his music as he was with his Christian faith.

CJ is survived by his wife, Jenna Walk. He was a great husband, performer and friend.  The impact of his passing cannot be measured. He is now with the Lord where there is no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain.

Continue to pray for Jenna and her family.  Please join the Humble Beast family in their commitment to ongoing support for Jenna Walk.  If you would like to make a financial donation, please click on the link provided below.

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