Introducing Levi the Poet and his New Blog, "Discordia"

Levi Macallister is a writer, storyteller and spoken word artist - aka Levi The Poet -  from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

His love for art and advocacy for honesty have lead to a combination of autobiographical and fiction storytelling on issues of faith, love, theology, sexuality, mental illness, addiction, abuse and identity, with the contrasting brightness of pseudo-fantastical story and myth (whatever that means). He’s a thinker (and, hopefully, a doer) interested in the intersections between belief and creativity.

In addition to the past seven touring years as Levi The Poet, Levi has participated on the speaking team, using his own story to help serve others wrestling through pornography addiction. He has also contributed to American Giving Awards winning organization To Write Love On Her Arms to tell the story of his father’s suicide - a topic he speaks on often - in the hope of providing a sympathetic resource for thousands of individuals who wrestle with depression, self harm and mental illness.

Levi also contributes to copy and freelance projects for other artists and organizations to help them articulate and communicate their stories more effectively.

Finally, Levi just completed his first year dedicated to coffee and brewery nerdery, and plans to continue his pursuit of good beans and good brews well into the future. His wife, Brandi, is a CrossFit trainer at their local gym, and - really - a life coach for his disorganized existence. They live together (solid choice for married couples) with their cat, Gilbert, who thinks he is a dog, and is constantly vying for the head of the household.

Hi. I’m Levi. I wrote this biography myself, in the third person. I love words.