Sound the Alert312! Album Artwork & More...

******UPDATED 1/18/13****** Humble Beast is pleased to announce that our first gift of 2013 will be ALERT312's full-length album, "Of Vice & Virtue".  The new album is set to drop on January 29th! Mark it in your calendar! And as always, it will be available for free download from the website!  Check out the lastes VV Session below, along with the album artwork & track listing!

Track Listing:

  1. Vice Versa
  2. The Villain vs. The Virtue
  3. Dragon Bragging
  4. Caesar
  5. Lack of Achievement
  6. Babble feat. Odd Thomas
  7. Kill the Elephants
  8. Damn
  9. Jaime
  10. Invisible Man feat. Catalina Bellizzi
  11. Life’s Wonderful
  12. Supreme